It's a Quirky World

This is one of my favorite assignments. After considering what might be an unusual habit or experience - their own personal quirk - each student develops their own quirky blog. There are a number of things I love about this assignment. First, it allows them to express their creativity fairly easily. Second, the blogs can be anonymous, allowing them the freedom to make mistakes. Finally, they support each other, sharing ideas about what's working and what's not. In the process they learn how to blog more effectively. At the end of the semester they report on the success of their blogs, in terms of both content and analytics.

In the end, if their blog is a huge success - great, promote it to the world. However, if it was less then they hoped for - fine, they've learned and their nameless blog can disappear. I'll track them for the rest of the semester making comments both here and on their sites. Check them out and join the fun.


  1. Here are some great twitter folks to follow...thanks to Casey Flanagan.
    @adrianho (
    @garethk (
    @4AsResearch (
    @leeclowsbeard (
    @chrisbrogan (
    @jasonoke (
    @marklewis_sf (
    @sallyhogshead (
    @edwardboches (

  2. "Unless your brand stands for something, it stands for nothing." I love this quote from Scott Bedbury. It seems true for my student's blogs as well. Brew City Dad very effectively stands for something - the emotional bond between father and son. The emotion is carried by a compelling photo that anchors the blog, while pulling you in, and great writing - post after post. And this guy's looking for a job. I'd snap him up in a heartbeat.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind comments! The blog is one of the best things I've ever done-it's cathartic and a celebration of the most important job we can have-being a parent.

  4. Fragments. I thought the title was good and then I started reading the blog. “Sink into the sounds of my soul.” Not bad. Not bad at all. This women should consider copywriting.