Teaching and Blogging

This is my spring 2010 teaching blog. But I consider it my mentoring blog. The idea is to help students understand the essential intersection of strategy and creative. I've posted some past student work and am showcasing individual student work I love. Let me know what you think.

My grad IMC class reviewed some hot industry books including Grown Up Digital and Culture Codes. They also created ethnographic Digital Brand Stories. I've showcased two: Growing Power and Starbucks VIA.

In my undergrad Strategy class I use, Advertising Creative, as the foundation. Then I send my Marquette students off into the real world to explore branded social media, work with real clients, and dive into industry books. In fall they tracked some of my favorite blogs and posted comments about why some ideas stick: stories, emotion, credibility, concreateness, the unexpected, and simplicity. (Thanks Chip & Dan Heath.) This spring we blogged. Check out some of their blogs, along with a few of my industry favorites.


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